‘Lockdown failed, what’s the next step?’


failed Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday questioned the Narendra Modi-led central government regarding India’s next step in fighting the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic outbreak. The nationwide lockdown has “failed” to stop COVID-19 cases from rising exponentially in the country, Rahul Gandhi claimed, adding that Prime Minister Modi had hoped that the infections would decline in 21 days, but till now it has not happened.


Addressing a virtual media conference on this day, the Congress leader said that India is the only country in the world that is relaxing the lockdown when the COVID-19 cases are spiraling. “What is the Central government’s plan to go forward as the disease is growing exponentially in the country? The four stages of lockdown have not given the result that the Prime Minister expected,” Gandhi said.

Rahul Gandhi also took to his official handle on Twitter to post his questions regarding the COVID-19 lockdown. “Two months ago, while implementing the lockdown, the PM said that the war against Corona would be won in 21 days. Today more than 60 days have passed and the number of patients is increasing rapidly. Lockdown has not been able to beat this virus. My direct question to the government – what is the plan now?” the Congress leader tweeted in Hindi.

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Regarding the fiscal package announced Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, he highlighted, “The government said that 10% of the GDP would be provided in the form of an economic package, but actually only 1% was received. Hardly any cash is being given to the people.”

Meanwhile, the total number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection in India crossed the 1.45 lakh-mark on Tuesday, while the death toll has topped the 4,100-mark as well.

Interestingly, even though the virus tally continues to spike, new guidelines issued by the central government pertaining to Lockdown 4.0 remain enforced. Several restrictions have been lifted, which includes permitting transport services, reopening of shops, and resuming online shopping. According to the central government’s most recent order, all activities, except the ones “specifically prohibited”, will be allowed in green, orange, red, and buffer zones, which continue to be classified by the States/UTs and district authorities.

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Domestic flight services resumed in India on Monday, while international flights are to start soon as well, the central government has informed as part of its gradual reboot of air travel services in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

It is now increasingly becoming likely that India, although well into the fourth phase of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19)-necessitated nationwide lockdown, is quickly becoming one of the biggest COVID-19 hotspots in the world.