“Google Now” now available on ios


Google launched “Google Now” is an intelligent personal assistant developed by Google that is available within the Google Search mobile application for the iOS operating systems and android its own version of Siri on Apple products called, Google Now, a virtual assistant on Monday. It will also be available to iPhone and iPad after then available for Android the last 9 months.


Google has come up with its new version of a Smartphone personal assistant. In Instead the Android buddy is just called ‘Google Now’. In this your friend Now takes everything it knows about you from all of your activity across Google’s products and uses that to make the suggestion to you.

Google Search 3.0 debuted in the last year at Google I/O conference and this was availed to all the Android devices. However, this success with the new iOS version, it is now going to be available to iPads and iPhones. All features of Google Now on iOS:

  • Available on the iOS in a limited capacity. Even this availability to the iOS would be a boon and would be just another step in the right direction.
  • The services of Google Now search application must be launched by getting inside of it rather than on the home screen.
  • The goal of Google Now is pretty simple, which is to get you the right information at the right time. Providing users with boarding passes, deliver updates are all of the key features.
  • Partially it has a slightly different interface and layout, and otherwise, Apple is just plain and simple playing it is very safe.
  • Traffic conditions, local sports scores, and weather-related queries also can be answered aptly using this application without prompting.
  • 15 to 35 % improvement since Jelly Bean (Android 4.1), with some significant improvements, said Vincent Vanhoucke, Android Über Tech Lead.
  • The predictive search feature is more comprehensive and this will use your calendar to predict what information is apt for your query. The information is variable depending on different factors.

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Advantages of Google Now are:-
According to Tamar Yehoshua, Google Now has an advantage of various different from technological scopes. It uses the text-to-speech output and the knowledge of the graph and the technology stack to provide its predictive search and all the voice recognition features. The prime feature of Google, Google Now will be of competition with Apple’s Siri.