Discover Latest Features & Update of PUBG: The Complete Guide


Play this amazing game “PUBG” PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds which, is a perfect blend of the survival and exploration with last man standing in the gameplay. It was released in December 2017 and was published and developed by PUBG corporation, a subsidiary of South Korean video game company Bluehole.


The concept of the game and design led by Brendan Greene. It can be played on various platforms like Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, Xbox One, PlayStation 4. It is one of the best selling and most played and loved video game of all times with more than 400+ million players. It’s currently running season 5 and soon will come with another season and more smart gameplay.
PUBG has been downloaded on iOS and Android 240 million times.

PUBG GamePlay?

In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, up to one hundred players parachute onto one of the four islands and scavenge for weapons and equipment to kill others while avoiding getting killed themselves. The available safe areas of the game’s map will decrease in size over time. The players caught outside the safe area will get eliminated if not entered in a safe zone in time. The game automatically directs surviving players into tighter areas to force encounters.

Approx 227 million monthly players, 87 million daily players play this game.

On average it takes 30 minutes to finish the game. At the completion of each round, Players gain in-game currency based on their performance. This currency is used to purchase character, weapon or cosmetic items. In March 2018, a rotating event mode was added. These events change up the normal game rules and help in establishing larger teams, squads and a lot more. The last player or team standing wins the round.

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PUBG Mobile Upcoming Features

PUBG Mobile is continuously introduced new features and maps in an effort to make it better and more obsessive for gamers. IOS Game Development and Android Game Development taking this game on the next level using advanced technologies.

  1. 60 Frames Per Second: – FPS refers to the rapid image update. Its amazing features for gamers who love to play playerUnknown’s battlegrounds. Currently, it’s capped at 30 FPS with the capability of hitting 60 FPS on high-end Apple and Samsung flagship device. 30FPS allow PUBG to support low and mid-range devices. For the competitive multiplayer game gaming at 60 FPS is great as it can improve reaction time while grabbing the attention of gamers from around the world.

  2. Mobile Streaming Tool: – Mobile Streaming Tool is the simplest way to broadcast live video from your mobile device or tablet. Currently, the built-in streaming and sharing options in PUBG are very basic. It only allows you to share a screenshot. However, a built-in streaming and sharing option would benefit PUBG mobile a lot and will allow gamers to share their gameplay moments. Android Game Development is one of the best solutions for streaming, broadcasting and provide with the advance solution.

  3. Bundled Maps: – PUBG has gained a lot of popularity in a short span of time. It can be played on budget devices that do not offer a lot of storage space. To download PUBG one requires enough space with a game size of 1.6GB on Android. It takes a lot of storage space and requires more for maps. If you want to play in different map scenarios than you must download the maps like Sanhok, Miramar, and Vikendi. These maps are not bundled yet with the game which is quite disappointing, but in the future, it will be under consideration.

  1. PUBG Mobile Currencies: – This is one of the major change people are waiting for as no one knows the exact use of the currency. This game allows the player to earn money in different ways while playing the game. It offers battle points, silver fragment, unknown cash, and coupons Scraps. With these options, it grabs the attention of millions which, makes it quite obvious that it will be more explanatory in the coming days.

  1. Rewarding Game Play: – PUBG is a multiplayer game that gets better with people who are focused on playing and supporting their team. It’s all about effective communication and good sportsmanship which makes the gameplay more rewarding and interesting. By keeping your gameplay clean and communication effective you can earn the rewards and enjoy this multiplayer game.

Average amount per day PUBG mobile users spend on the game is $1.1 million.

This multiplayer game is the most popular game which is coming with a lot more new features like renting servers, Modding support, the new map, and will allow the player to create their own league with many more additions. Mobile Application Development Company is working on these additions to help players with improved user experience and great PUBG community support.


Features In PUBG

  • Battle Integration

  • Revive Downed Teammates

  • Destruction, Bullet travel, Bullet Drop, and attachments

  • Weapon customization

  • Character Customization

  • Colorblind Support

  • Ability to join disconnected matches

  • Ability to eject from the plane whenever you want

  • The wide range of weapons

  • Solo, Duo, Squad and Zombies Custom Servers

  • All MOCAP animation

  • NVIDIA Shadowplay highlight support

  • Cosmetic Items ranging from Jackets, Masks, Shoes, Shirts and a lot more.

  • Military-game gear ranging from helmets, vests, backpacks and a lot more.

  • 3 Maps

  • NVIDIA Shadowplay highlight support

  • Killcam for Solo game mode

  • Spectating support for team server when you die

PUBG Mobile’s 1st Anniversary Campaign

PUBG Mobile has recently completed a year in the industry. With the immense popularity and great response from gamers, it’s celebrating the first year of success. This rewarding game is truly innovative and addictive for players. It offers an enthralling experience worldwide while making a huge PUBG community.

PUBG received 3 awards at the Google Play Awards last year. Not just that, this unstoppable game became the number one game in the app store. To celebrate its anniversary its has released exclusive banner with lobby theme and fresh background music added. Along with that, it has a lot of new items, platinum coupons which can be brought into the game real soon. Other than that there will be more anniversary surprise for gamers with a planned event. The recent update came with the inclusion of the new game mode referred to as Zombie Mode.