DIRECTV Promotions – A Consumers Guide


In order to compete with DISH Network and cable TV, Directive is running a number of promotions to get you to purchase their satellite TV service. But what do you really get when you sign up? Here's the lowdown.

Directive Programming Promotions

DIRECTV is currently offering up to $ 365 off their regular price for the following program packages …

If you're on a budget and are not a TV fanatic, DIRECTV'S Choice package is what you're looking for. With 92 satellite TV channels and 48 XM satellite radio channels, it offers a good variety of sports, movies, news, special interest programs, and all types of music. This package is currently $ 30 per month.

DIRECTV's midsize package, the Choice Xtra Package, is ideal if you watch a lot of TV but do not want a DVR (digital video recorder) to record your shows. It features 119 satellite TV channels, 66 XM satellite radio channels, and includes 3 months of HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax. This package is now $ 35 a month.

Next up are two packages that include DISH Network's DVR service. If you want a large variety of programs and want to record up to 200 hours of your favorite shows, then either of these packages could be just what the doctor ordered. Their Plus DVR Package has 119 satellite TV channels and 66 XM satellite radio channels. Their Plus HD DVR Package has 129 satellite TV channels and 66 XM satellite radio channels. These packages are $ 40 and $ 50 a month respectably, and come with 3 months of HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax.

Last, but not least, is what DISH Network calls their Premier Package. If you're a TV-aholic and you want the largest variety of programs with a crystal-clear, high definition picture, then this is the package for you. It has 188 satellite TV Channels, 67 XM satellite radio channels, and includes HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and Starz (31 movies channels in all). You also get DVR service and DIRECTV's HD channels. It's everything a TV fanatic could want.

Note: All of DIRECTV'S programming packages include your local stations.

Directive Equipment Promotions

In addition to their satellite TV programming promotion, Directive is also offering a free dish and a free four-room satellite receiver system when you order their service. The receivers come with universal remotes that operate your receiver, TV, VCR, and DVD player. You also get free professional installation plus instructions on how to use your new system.

The Bottom Line

DIRECTV'S programming promotions are only good for 12 months, then you'll have to pay the regular package price. But that's still a pretty good deal when you consider their programming packages are cheaper than cable, and you get their satellite TV system for free.

Source by Brian Stevens